Formed by keyboardist Mike Baxter and vocalist Vic Sabino in 1969,  

after the desolution of St.John Green.

     Baxter and Sabino searched out and found a special group of men with dedication and desire to showcase their unique, original compositions while nurturing the freedom to improvise.

     Jumbo honed their music skills in the clubs and concert venues of California, spending much of their time between Hollywood, Los Angeles and the Beach Cities south of L.A. 

They were signed by and recorded for Lou Adler, (Carol King and the Mamas and Papas),

and soon traveled the concert circuits in California.  

The band also doubled as back up on occasion for other members of the

Lou Adler organization...

ie:  John Phillips of the Mamas and Papas and vocalist Merry Clayton. 


     Jumbo recorded their only LP for Lou Adler's 'Ode 70' label in 1969 at Sound City Recorders. Produced by Warner Bros executive, Gary Lemel.   All indications of a strong break out looked promising,  however, the A&M executives  and Adler decided against the release and their attention was channeled toward other recently signed projects in their stable of artists, ie:  Carol King.

Jumbo was excused from all obligations.

The disappointment and hard work proved too much, and the group sadly disbanded in 1971.



 Sept. 28, 1946 - Aug. 29, 2019

One of the first JUMBO photo sessions, Topanga Canyon, Ca.

with guitarist Brad DelaValley...left front. 

Brad left the group and was replaced by Jimmy Pitman.

A  shot on the dunes,

Monterey, Ca. on the the way back

from a 1970 San Francisco Concert date,

at Winterland Ballroom that featured:

The Four Tops, Bread, Merry Clayton and Joy of Cooking

Studio Production


 The Manager

jean-louis Janssen

 Executive Producer

       LOU ADLER

Manager Janssen sharing the   JUMBO reels with Frank Zappa


from the Jumbo LP, music and lyric

  M Baxter, V Sabino  c. 1969  ...   Video by  JL Janssen.

" 1940 blues "

from the Jumbo LP, music and lyric M Baxter, V Sabino c. 1969 ...

Video by M. Baxter

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